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Non-Financial Amendment Form

1. Fill out the Non-Financial Amendment Form and have it witnessed by a disinterested party (i.e. any individual other than the beneficiaries).

2. When changing/updating the beneficiary(ies), please note that if any of the existing beneficiaries on the policy has been designated as an irrevocable beneficiary, he/she must signify consent to the change by likewise signing on the form. (Please refer to your policy contract to verify if you have designated any irrevocable beneficiaries in your policy).

Additionally, if the existing irrevocable beneficiary on the policy is a company or corporation, please submit the following together with this form:

  • Corporate Secretary's Certificate or Board Resolution to attest that the signature of the person signing the Change of Beneficiary form on behalf of the company or corporation is its duly authorized signatory for such a transaction;
  • Specimen signature of the company or corporation's authorized signatory.


In accordance with the General Provisions of your policy contract please be reminded of the following:

* Filing of Documents - Any document required by the policy will be considered to be received by Sun Life Financial only if it is submitted to Sun Life Financial at the place of payment specified in the policy or at any Sun Life Financial office in the Philippines.

Fill out Non-financial Amendment form now.


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