Balanced Fund

A One Decision Fund...

The Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund is designed to provide total returns consisting of current income and capital growth through investment in a diversified portfolio of debt (bonds) and equity (stocks) securities from both domestic and foreign issuers.

…that offers peace of mind with a sound investment objective.
For many people, the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund provides a sensible base for mutual fund investing, offering access to a broad portfolio of different investment vehicles that can benefit from every kind of market condition. While that versatility is what makes it popular among a range of individual investors, the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund is particularly attractive to first-time mutual fund buyers who can enjoy the relative safety of less volatile fixed income securities, without sacrificing the long term growth potential of an equity fund.

Provides strength through investment diversification.
With the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund, you have exposure to all the major asset classes in one fund. Stocks give you higher growth potential while cash and bonds provide greater stability and generate income. Cash is a solid "holding" during volatile times when interest rates are high.

By spreading your single investment across several asset classes, you have more protection than if you were to invest solely in bonds, or only in equities; and, a better potential return than if you held your savings in cash alone. A "down" year in one asset class is often offset by another portion of your portfolio that is performing better.

In reality, the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund mirrors the diversification that you could achieve by holding a variety of mutual funds or a cross-section of individual investments.

The Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund – a “one-decision” fund

…that covers all the bases.
Instead of making many complex decisions about individual investments or funds, the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund does it for you. Instead of spending all your spare time investing, you can look after the many other important things in life. With one decision, you will be able to take comfort knowing that you won't need to constantly watch the markets and research which of the many different funds and investments might work best, at what time, and in what proportion to each of the others.

...that takes you where the performance is.
It is often said that asset allocation is one of the major determining factors of fund performance. The Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund uses what the industry calls "active" asset allocation to target those asset classes which are expected to perform well in the near term and over time. The portfolio managers then decide on the proportions or "weightings" that they will attribute to each asset class in order to generate the best return for this fund that:

…begins to work with one low minimum investment.
It is estimated that it would take a minimum of Php 5 Million in individual investments to provide an appropriate measure of diversification in a portfolio. With the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund, you can achieve this level of diversification with an initial minimum investment of Php 10,000, followed by additional minimum investments as affordable as Php 5,000.

…lets you benefit from professional management.
The Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund also gives you affordable access to high caliber investment management that is usually reserved for corporations, institutions and the very wealthy. Successful investing takes knowledge and careful research. With international operations, subsidiaries and joint ventures serving millions of people in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and China, Sun Life Financial is a global force in financial services.

The team of investment professionals located in the Philippines, who have been mandated to manage the portfolio of the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund are presently managing assets in excess of Php 54.11 Billion1.

A strict investment policy, focused on quality.
The fund will invest in a mix of high-quality debt and equity securities mainly of Philippine issuers. Depending on the state of various world economies and markets, the fund may invest in non-Philippine investment grade issues.

Whatever one's savings goals, we all know that investing is important. But, with the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund, it also can be simple, convenient and affordable.

Investing for the long-term.
When you invest in a mutual fund, you are investing in a diversified portfolio of securities that normally fluctuate in value. To obtain the best results, they should generally be regarded as long-term investments, which means they should be held for five years or more.

The securities markets in which mutual funds invest tend to rise and fall over the short-term, as will the value of your investment. Your ability to withstand short-term volatility, especially on the down-side, will generally result in greater returns over the long-term. When the value of your investments decrease, and it will from time to time, be patient.

Let your investments work for you.

Note: 1as of end-December 2004.
Invest wisely. Important information about the Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund is indicated in its prospectus. Please obtain a copy from your Sun Life Mutual Fund Representative or click here and read it carefully before investing. Share values, yields, and investment returns will fluctuate.

The Sun Life Prosperity Funds are managed and distributed by
Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc., a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies.

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