Mutual Funds

Investing Made Easy

Sun Life Prosperity Funds make investing simple, accessible and affordable. As an investor of the fund, you will benefit from a wealth of advantages:

  • Affordability: With a minimum investment of Php 10,000 investing is easy and affordable.
  • Professional Portfolio Management: Our funds are managed by top-notch investment professionals who focus solely on maximizing your returns over the long term.
  • Wide Range of Choices: We offer a unique "family" of funds to choose from.
  • Diversification: Each fund is comprised of various investments in order to minimize volatility.
  • Flexibility: You can modify your investment strategies over time, by transferring from one fund to another as much as four times a year, at no cost.
  • Liquidity: Mutual fund shares can be sold on any business day, at the current market value of the funds shares.

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Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund

The Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund is recommended for the conservative investor. The fund is designed to generate regular income and capital preservation.

Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund

The Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund is for investors who prefer a mixture of income and capital appreciation.

Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund

This fund is for clients who desire long-term growth potential. It seeks to produce long-term capital appreciation through investments in diversified stocks.

Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund

The Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund is for investors who are ultra-conservative.

Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund

The Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund is for investors who prefer to invest in instruments that have a sovereign guarantee.

Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund

The Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund is developed especially for the investor who desires to invest in foreign exchange denominated securities.

Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund

The Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund is for conservative investors who prefer investing in foreign exchange denominated instruments.

Global Expertise

Sun Life Financial ranks among the largest global insurance and wealth management organizations with assets under management of more the CDN$ 359.6 Billion1, and credit ratings that place it at the top of the financial services sector in North America. With international operations, subsidiaries and joint ventures serving millions of people in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and China, Sun Life Financial is a global force in financial services.

Responsiveness To Client Needs

Sun Life Prosperity Funds representatives use a tool, the Investor Profile Questionnaire, which assesses an individual's investment characteristics and preferences. It measures an investor's sensitivity to risk, investment time frame, stage of life, financial situation, priorities and goals. This questionnaire is a prerequisite to investing in the Funds, and is used by mutual fund representatives to help investors choose the Funds that would best suit their needs.

Sales Load Options

Other mutual funds in the Philippines require the investor to pay a sales charge (upon purchase of shares) and an exit fee (upon redemption). Though this option (Option C) is also available for the Sun Life Prosperity Funds, ours is the first family of mutual funds in the country that gives you a choice between paying the sales charge upon purchase of shares (Option A or front-end sales load) or upon redemption of shares (Option B or back-end sales load).

The front-end sales load or Option A depends upon the amount of money being invested. The back-end sales load or Option B, on the other hand, is on a decreasing annual basis. This means that the longer you remain invested in the fund, the less sales charge you will have to pay. If you retains your money with the fund for more than 5 years, you actually avoid paying a sales charge altogether.

You can also choose to purchase shares under Option C. This option allows you to pay a lower sales charge upon entry (compared to Option A), and a lower sales charge upon redemption (compared to Option B). As well, the sales charge upon redemption will only be paid if you redeem in less than 2 years. The minimum initial investment for this option, however, may be higher than that of Option A or B.

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To learn more about the Sun Life Prosperity Funds, please get in touch with us through telephone number (632) 849-9888 or email:

NAVPS PESO as of 09/18/14

Bond Fund 2.6533
Balanced Fund 3.7441
Philippine Equity Fund 4.0941
Money Market Fund 1.1260
GS Fund 1.5029

NAVPS DOLLARS as of 09/18/14

Dollar Advantage Fund 3.2610
Dollar Abundance Fund 2.7227