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 SunLink Online


Frequently Asked Questions Interactive Features of Sun Life Philippines' Website

  1. What is SunLink Online?

    SunLink Online is Sun Life Financial's virtual customer service facility for policies issued in the Philippines.SunLink Online enables you to print online Service Request Forms, File Claim Notification and send policy-related requests via email. SunLink Online also allows you access your policy records through your own Personal Page. Your Personal Page allows you to avail of the following online services:

    • Receive their Sun Life Financial billing notice through the Internet
    • Pay their bills online
    • Online Address Change (not yet available) To start viewing your policy records online, all you have to do is register now.

  2. How do I register for this service?

    At our website:, click on Personal Page under the SunLink Online section. Click the register link. Fill-out the on-line registration form then click "submit" once finished.

    An online message will inform you if your registration has been successful. For successful registrations, your initial log-in password will be sent to you via regular postal mail. Please allow ample time for postal delivery. However, please feel free to contact our office if you do not receive your password after some time.

    Click and surf your Personal Page anytime, anywhere.

  3. How many policies can I register?

    All your current Sun Life Financial policies that are in force including those you would be applying for and approved in the future will automatically be available in your Personal Page. No need for a separate enrollment.

Using Personal Page

  1. How do I access my policy records online?

    If you are a registered policy owner, click on the Personal Page button found under Sun Link Online.

    If this is your first time to log in to your Personal Page, fill out the fields with your personal User ID and Password. Your password is contained in a special paper included in the confirmation letter sent to you via regular postal mail.

    After supplying your User Id and password, click the "log in" button. You will then be required to change your password after you have successfully log-in.

    Please note that you need to change your password immediately since you will no longer be able to use the password initially provided to you by Sun Life Financial.

  2. I need to speak with a Customer Service Facilitator, what number do I call?

    Please call our Customer Care Center, SUNLINK, at telephone no. (632) 849-9888, simply dial 1-2-0 to speak with a live Customer Service Facilitator. Our Customer Service Facilitators will be glad to assist you. When calling during non-business hours, you may either leave a message on our Customer Care Center Voicemail box or you may send your inquiry through email.

  3. I need to get in touch with my agent/representative, what number should I call?

    If you would like our representative to contact you, please send us e-mail. You may also call our Customer Care Center, SUNLINK, to inquire for the telephone number of the branch where your Sun Life Financial representative holds office.

    If you know the branch of your Sun Life Financial representative, click here to view the telephone numbers of all Sun Life Financial New Business Offices.

  4. When would my transaction/request on SunLink Online and my Personal Page become effective?

    Confirmation messages via e-mail will be provided. For some transactions a written notice would also be sent to you informing you that your request had been received and processed.

  5. Are there any special browser requirements to use SunLink Online and my Personal Page?

    No, there are no special browsers. Netscape Navigator 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher would do. Certain web pages, however, are running on a secured connection and would require internet browsers that can support 128-bit encryption. Preferred browsers for this site are Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher versions, or Netscape Navigator 4.75 or higher versions.

  6. How safe are the transactions that I conduct on SunLink Online and my Personal Page from my computer?

    We will be providing standard secure connections between the client's computer and the web site like SSL or Secured Socket Layer. Data transmitted between the client and web site will be encrypted.

  7. How often and how long can I be connected to my Personal Page?

    There is no limit on how long you can stay connected to the website. However, after 20 minutes of inactivity (meaning you, the user are not doing anything like typing or clicking links), your connection will be terminated and you must login again.

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Certain web pages of the website are running on secured connection and would require Internet browsers that can support 128-bit encryption. Preferred browsers for this site are Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher versions, or Netscape Navigator 4.75 and higher versions.
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